Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel

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Overview of Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel

Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel is a low-alloy steel containing chromium and molybdenum as strengthening agents. Known for its toughness and high strength-to-weight ratio, this versatile steel is widely used in various industries, from aviation to motorsports. Whether you’re constructing an aircraft, fabricating high-performance racing car components, or crafting industrial machinery, understanding the ins and outs of 4130 Alloy Steel is crucial.

Composition and Characteristics of 4130 Alloy Steel

4130 Alloy Steel is renowned for its unique combination of physical properties, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring strength and durability. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its composition and key characteristics:

Nguyên tốTỷ phần trăm
Carbon (C)0.28 – 0.33%
Crôm (Cr)0.80 – 1.10%
Molypden (Mo)0.15 – 0.25%
Manganse (Mn)0.40 – 0.60%
Silicon (Si)0.15 – 0.35%
Lưu huỳnh (S)Tối đa 0,040%
Phốt pho (P)Tối đa 0,035%
Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel

Properties of 4130 Alloy Steel

4130 Alloy Steel stands out for its impressive mechanical properties:

Độ bền kéo560 – 670 MPa
Yield Strength460 – 560 MPa
Elongation at Break20 – 28%
Hardness (HB)149 – 197
Impact Toughness (J)90 – 150


  • Tỷ lệ cường độ trên trọng lượng cao: Ideal for applications where both strength and weight are critical.
  • Excellent Weldability: Can be easily welded using conventional methods.
  • Good Machinability: Simplifies fabrication processes.
  • Versatile Heat Treatment: Can be heat treated to achieve various hardness levels.

Applications of Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel

The versatility of 4130 Alloy Steel allows it to be used in a multitude of industries. Below are some of its primary applications:

Ngành công nghiệpApplication
Không gianAircraft tubing, landing gear components
MotorsportsRoll cages, chassis fabrication
Oil and GasDrill collars, pipeline components
Ô tôSuspension parts, drive shafts
MilitaryWeapons manufacturing, armored vehicles
BicyclesHigh-performance bike frames
Xây dựngStructural components

Grades and Specifications

Understanding the various grades and specifications of 4130 Alloy Steel helps in selecting the right material for your specific needs. Below is a comprehensive table of the most commonly used grades, sizes, and standards:

GradeKích thướcSpecifications
AISI 41301/4″ to 12″ASTM A29, A513
AMS 63451/4″ to 6″MIL-T-6736
AMS 63701/4″ to 3″MIL-S-6758
DIN 1.72186mm to 300mmEN 10250-3
JIS SCM4306mm to 200mmG4105

Suppliers and Pricing

Choosing the right supplier is crucial for obtaining high-quality 4130 Alloy Steel. Here’s a list of some notable suppliers along with their pricing details:

Nhà cung cấpPhạm vi giá (theo kg)Notes
OnlineMetals$5 – $8Available in various shapes
Metals Depot$4.50 – $7Custom cuts available
Alloy Steel International$5 – $9Bulk discounts offered
Speedy Metals$4 – $7.50Excellent customer service
Midwest Steel & Aluminum$5 – $8Wide selection of sizes

Advantages and Disadvantages of 4130 Alloy Steel

When comparing 4130 Alloy Steel to other materials, it’s important to weigh its advantages against its disadvantages:

Ưu điểmDisadvantages
Tỷ lệ cường độ trên trọng lượng caoHigher cost compared to some other steels
Excellent weldabilityRequires precise heat treatment for optimal properties
Good machinabilityLimited corrosion resistance without additional treatment
Versatile heat treatment optionsPotential for brittleness if not properly handled

Metal Powder Models for 4130 Alloy Steel

Specialty metal powders of 4130 Alloy Steel can be utilized in additive manufacturing, providing tailored solutions for high-performance applications. Here are ten specific models:

  1. EIGA 4130 Powder: Atomized using Electrode Induction Melting Gas Atomization, known for uniform particle size.
  2. PREP 4130 Powder: Plasma Rotating Electrode Process ensures spherical particles, reducing powder bed porosity.
  3. GPA 4130 Powder: Gas Plasma Atomized for superior purity and flowability, ideal for aerospace components.
  4. EIGA 4130-L Powder: Low-carbon version for enhanced weldability and ductility.
  5. PREP 4130-H Powder: High-carbon version for increased hardness and wear resistance.
  6. EIGA 4130-N Powder: Nitrogen atomized to improve toughness and impact resistance.
  7. GPA 4130-S Powder: Fine spherical particles for precision applications in medical devices.
  8. PREP 4130-T Powder: Tailored for thermal management systems, offering high thermal conductivity.
  9. EIGA 4130-C Powder: Coated particles for improved oxidation resistance in high-temperature environments.
  10. GPA 4130-X Powder: Experimental blend with nano-additives for enhanced mechanical properties.
Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel


What is the typical tensile strength of 4130 Alloy Steel?The typical tensile strength ranges from 560 to 670 MPa.
Can 4130 Alloy Steel be welded easily?Yes, 4130 Alloy Steel is known for its excellent weldability.
Is 4130 Alloy Steel corrosion-resistant?4130 Alloy Steel has limited corrosion resistance and may require additional coatings or treatments.
What industries commonly use 4130 Alloy Steel?Aerospace, motorsports, oil and gas, automotive, military, and construction are some industries that commonly use 4130 Alloy Steel.
How is 4130 Alloy Steel typically supplied?It is typically supplied in various forms including bars, tubes, sheets, and metal powders for additive manufacturing.
What are the common heat treatment processes for 4130 Alloy Steel?Common heat treatment processes include annealing, normalizing, quenching, and tempering to achieve desired mechanical properties.
How does 4130 Alloy Steel compare to other steels like 4140?While 4130 Alloy Steel is excellent for welding and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, 4140 has a higher carbon content, offering greater hardness and strength but with reduced weldability.
Is 4130 Alloy Steel suitable for high-temperature applications?It can be used in high-temperature environments but typically requires additional coatings or treatments to enhance its oxidation resistance.


Special Steel 4130 Alloy Steel stands out as a versatile and reliable material across numerous industries due to its high strength, excellent weldability, and robust mechanical properties. Whether you’re delving into the aerospace sector, constructing high-performance racing vehicles, or engaging in industrial fabrication, 4130 Alloy Steel offers the performance and durability needed to succeed.

By understanding its composition, properties, applications, and available grades, you can make informed decisions that ensure the success and longevity of your projects. With the growing advancements in metal powders and additive manufacturing, the potential applications for 4130 Alloy Steel are expanding, paving the way for innovative solutions in engineering and manufacturing.

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