Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato



Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato is a highly versatile and widely used steel variant, known for its excellent properties in terms of hardenability, strength, and toughness. This alloy steel is particularly suitable for applications requiring high wear resistance and fatigue strength. It’s a low-carbon, low-alloy steel containing nickel, chromium, and molybdenum as its primary alloying elements. In this article, we will delve deep into the specifics of this special steel, covering its chemical composition, properties, applications, specifications, suppliers, and more. Let’s embark on this detailed exploration.

Chemical Composition of Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

Understanding the chemical composition of this alloy steel is crucial as it directly influences its mechanical properties and suitability for various applications.

ElementoContenuto (%)
Carbonio (C)0.18 – 0.23
Silicio (Si)0.15 – 0.35
Manganese (Mn)0.70 – 0.90
Fosforo (P)≤ 0.035
Zolfo (S)≤ 0.035
Cromo (Cr)0.40 – 0.60
Nichel (Ni)0.40 – 0.70
Molibdeno (Mo)0.15 – 0.25
Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato

Proprietà e caratteristiche di Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato

This alloy steel’s properties make it highly desirable for various demanding applications.

TemprabilitàGood, can be carburized
ResistenzaHigh, even at low temperatures
Resistenza all'usuraExcellent, due to its hard surface layer after heat treatment
Resistenza alla faticaSuperior, suitable for cyclic loading applications
LavorabilitàGood, easy to machine in both annealed and hardened conditions
SaldabilitàFair, can be welded with proper precautions

Mechanical Properties of Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

Resistenza alla trazione800 – 1100 MPa
Resistenza allo snervamento400 – 650 MPa
Allungamento12 – 18%
Durezza (HRC)28 – 34
Impact StrengthHigh, suitable for high-stress applications

Applications of Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

The versatility of this steel makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

Componenti per autoveicoliUsed in gears, crankshafts, and connecting rods due to high fatigue strength
Macchinari industrialiIdeal for manufacturing machine parts that require high wear resistance
AerospazialeSuitable for producing components that must withstand high stress and temperature
StrumentazioneUsed in the production of dies and molds due to its good machinability and hardness
Industria del petrolio e del gasEmployed in drill collars and other downhole tools due to its toughness and wear resistance

Specifiche di Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato

StandardASTM A29, ASTM A322, JIS G4053
Grado8620, 1.6523, 20CrNiMoA, SNCM220
DimensioniAvailable in rounds, squares, flats, and hexagonal bars
Trattamento termicoCan be annealed, normalized, or carburized

Standards and Grades


Suppliers and Pricing of Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

Finding reliable suppliers and understanding pricing is essential for procurement.

FornitorePosizioneIntervallo di Prezzi (al kg)
ABC Steel CorpSTATI UNITI D'AMERICA$2.00 – $2.50
XYZ Metals LtdGermania€1.80 – €2.20
Shanghai SteelCina¥15 – ¥20
Global AlloysREGNO UNITO£1.50 – £2.00
Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato

Advantages and Limitations of Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel


  • Versatilità: Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Elevata resistenza e robustezza: Makes it ideal for demanding applications.
  • Good Wear Resistance: Extends the life of components.
  • Eccellente temprabilità: Ensures a hard surface layer post heat treatment.


  • Costo: More expensive than some other steels due to its alloying elements.
  • Saldabilità: Requires careful welding practices to avoid cracking.
  • Disponibilità: May not be readily available in all regions, leading to longer lead times.

Confronto con altri acciai legati

TemprabilitàBeneBuono moltoEccellente
Resistenza all'usuraEccellenteBeneBuono molto

Heat Treatment of Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

Heat treatment is a critical process that enhances the mechanical properties of this alloy steel.

Carburizing Process

  • Objective: To increase surface hardness while maintaining a tough core.
  • Procedure:
  1. Heating: Heat the steel to 900-950°C.
  2. Carburazione: Maintain at this temperature in a carbon-rich environment.
  3. Tempra: Rapid cooling in oil or water to harden the surface.
  4. Tempra: Reheating to 150-200°C to reduce brittleness.

Annealing Process

  • Objective: To soften the steel for improved machinability.
  • Procedure:
  1. Heating: Heat to 820-850°C.
  2. Holding: Maintain at this temperature for a suitable duration.
  3. Cooling: Slow cooling in the furnace.

Comparative Analysis: Special Steel 8620 vs. Other Steels

Special Steel 8620 vs. 4140 Alloy Steel

Caratteristica8620 Alloy SteelAcciaio legato 4140
TemprabilitàBeneBuono molto
Resistenza all'usuraEccellenteBene

Special Steel 8620 vs. 4340 Alloy Steel

Caratteristica8620 Alloy Steel4340 Alloy Steel
Resistenza all'usuraEccellenteBuono molto
Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato

Selecting the Right Steel for Your Application

Choosing the right steel involves considering several factors including mechanical properties, cost, availability, and specific application requirements. Special Steel 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 is an excellent choice for applications requiring a balance of toughness, wear resistance, and hardenability. However, for applications demanding higher strength and toughness, steels like 4340 may be more suitable despite the higher cost.


Acciaio speciale 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Acciaio legato is a highly versatile material that meets a wide range of industrial needs due to its superior mechanical properties. Whether you’re in the automotive, aerospace, or machinery industry, understanding its characteristics and applications can significantly enhance your project outcomes. This guide aims to provide you with comprehensive knowledge, enabling you to make informed decisions when selecting materials for your applications.

Domande frequenti

What are the primary alloying elements in 8620 steel?Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum.
Can 8620 steel be welded?Yes, but it requires proper precautions to avoid cracking.
What is the typical hardness of 8620 steel after heat treatment?Between 28 and 34 HRC.
Where is 8620 steel commonly used?In automotive components, industrial machinery, and aerospace applications.

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