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In the realm of metal alloys, a universe brimming with unique properties and countless applications, special steels stand out as a class of exceptional performers. Amongst these exceptional materials, Acero especial 10201.0402 carves a niche for itself, offering a compelling combination of strength, versatility, and resistance to wear. But what exactly makes this particular steel grade so special? Let’s delve into the world of Special Steel 10201.0402, exploring its specifications, applications, advantages, and limitations, all while unraveling the fascinating story behind its creation and use.

Specifications of Special Steel 10201.0402

Understanding the technical characteristics of Special Steel 10201.0402 is crucial for determining its suitability for a particular project. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

AISI/SAE DesignationNot Applicable (Special Grade)
Carbono (C)0.18 – 0.23%
Manganeso (Mn)1.30 – 1.60%
Silicio (Si)0.15 – 0.35%
Cromo (Cr)0.80 – 1.20%
Molibdeno (Mo)0.15 – 0.25%
Níquel (Ni)Not intentionally added
Cobre (Cu)Not intentionally added
Azufre (S)Max 0.03%
Fósforo (P)Max 0.03%
Dureza (Brinell)280 – 320 HBW
Resistencia a la tracción (MPa)800 – 1000 MPa
Límite elástico (MPa)650 – 850 MPa
Alargamiento (%)Min 18%
Acero especial 10201.0402

Key takeaways from the specifications table:

  • Acero especial 10201.0402 possesses a slightly higher carbon content compared to low-carbon steels, contributing to its enhanced strength.
  • The presence of manganese further bolsters strength and improves hardenability.
  • Chromium provides excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making this steel ideal for harsh environments.
  • Molybdenum refines the grain structure and enhances hardenability, allowing for deeper penetration of hardening throughout the material.
  • The absence of nickel and copper keeps the cost relatively lower compared to some other special steel grades.

Understanding the data:

The hardness value (280-320 HBW) indicates good wear resistance, making this steel suitable for components that experience friction and abrasion. The tensile strength (800-1000 MPa) signifies the material’s ability to withstand pulling forces without breaking. Elongation (minimum 18%) reflects the steel’s ductility, its capacity to deform under stress without rupturing.

Additional considerations:

While the specifications provide a solid foundation, it’s crucial to consult with material engineers or steel suppliers for in-depth information on the mechanical properties of each specific heat or batch of Special Steel 10201.0402. Factors like processing techniques and heat treatment can influence the final characteristics of the material.

Applications of Special Steel 10201.0402

Special Steel 10201.0402 finds application in a diverse range of industries due to its well-rounded properties. Here’s a glimpse into some of its prominent uses:

IndustriaEjemplos de aplicación
AutomotrizGears, shafts, bearings, suspension components
ConstrucciónWear plates, bolts, fasteners, tools
Petróleo y GasDrill bits, wellhead components, valves
Mining & AggregateCrusher jaws, conveyor components, wear liners
AgriculturaTillage implements, wear parts, machine components
ManufacturaDies, punches, forming tools, machine parts

The versatility advantage:

Imagine a single material that can handle the demanding environment of an oil well, the rigorous use of an agricultural implement, and the high-stress scenario of an automotive gear. Special Steel 10201.0402 offers this very versatility, making it a valuable asset across various industries.

Specific examples:

  • In the automotive industry, Special Steel 10201.0402 finds application in gears, particularly those subjected to moderate to high loads. Its combination of strength, wear resistance, and hardenability makes it a compelling choice compared to lower-grade steels that might succumb to fatigue or wear more quickly. Imagine the constant meshing and unmeshing of gears within a transmission system. Special Steel 10201.0402 offers the necessary durability to withstand these forces and ensure smooth operation over an extended lifespan.
  • Construction is another domain where Special Steel 10201.0402 shines. Wear plates on dump truck beds, for instance, constantly encounter friction and impact as heavy loads of gravel or sand are deposited. The inherent wear resistance of this steel grade protects the bed from excessive wear and tear, minimizing maintenance costs and downtime. Similarly, bolts and fasteners used in bridges or high-rise structures require a balance of strength and weather resistance. Special Steel 10201.0402 delivers on both aspects, ensuring the structural integrity of these critical elements.
  • The unforgiving environment of oil and gas exploration demands materials that can handle extreme pressures, corrosive fluids, and abrasive conditions. Drill bits, for example, bore through rock formations, encountering immense pressure and constant friction. Special Steel 10201.0402, with its toughness and resistance to wear, proves to be a reliable material for such applications. Wellhead components, which connect piping systems to oil and gas wells, also benefit from the strength and corrosion resistance offered by this special steel grade.
  • Mining and aggregate processing involve heavy machinery that pulverizes rocks and other materials. Crusher jaws, the very heart of these machines, are subjected to tremendous impact and wear. Special Steel 10201.0402, owing to its exceptional durability, stands up to this punishment, minimizing downtime for jaw replacement and ensuring efficient operation. Conveyor components that transport crushed materials also benefit from the wear resistance of this steel, extending their service life and reducing maintenance requirements.
  • The agricultural sector relies heavily on robust equipment that can withstand harsh conditions and demanding use. Tillage implements, used for preparing soil beds, often encounter abrasive elements like rocks and roots. Special Steel 10201.0402, with its inherent strength and wear resistance, protects these implements from excessive wear, keeping them operational for longer seasons. Similarly, wear parts on agricultural machinery, such as plowshares or cultivator discs, benefit from the durability offered by this steel grade.
  • The manufacturing industry encompasses a vast array of applications, and Special Steel 10201.0402 proves its worth in various aspects. Dies and punches used in metal forming operations require a balance of strength and toughness to withstand the shaping forces without cracking or deforming. This steel grade delivers on both counts, ensuring precise and consistent forming results. Furthermore, forming tools and machine parts that experience high stress and wear can benefit from the properties of Special Steel 10201.0402, minimizing downtime for tool replacement and enhancing overall production efficiency.

Beyond the listed applications:

The aforementioned examples highlight some of the most prominent uses of Special Steel 10201.0402. However, its versatility extends beyond this list. With its unique combination of properties, this steel grade can be a valuable asset in numerous other applications, prompting engineers and designers to explore its potential in innovative ways.

Speed, Sizes, and Availability of Acero especial 10201.0402

Speed of Delivery:

The delivery timeframe for Special Steel 10201.0402 can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Mill order quantity: Larger orders typically require longer lead times to produce the steel.
  • Material form: Sheets, bars, or plates might have different lead times depending on available stock at the supplier.
  • Ubicación: Geographic distance between the mill and the delivery destination can impact delivery speed.

It’s recommended to consult directly with potential suppliers to obtain accurate lead time estimates for your specific requirements. Some steel suppliers might offer expedited shipping options for a premium fee.

Available Sizes:

Special Steel 10201.0402 can be supplied in various forms and dimensions to cater to diverse project needs. Here’s a general overview of commonly available sizes:

  • Hojas: Available in thicknesses ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters, and widths and lengths following standard industry specifications.
  • Placas: Offered in thicker sections compared to sheets, ideal for applications requiring substantial structural strength.
  • Barras: Supplied in round, square, or rectangular cross-sections, with diameters or widths ranging from a few centimeters to tens of centimeters, suitable for machined components or applications requiring long, slender shapes.


While these represent standard sizes, it’s important to note that some steel mills might offer custom dimensions based on minimum order quantities. Always discuss your specific size requirements with potential suppliers to determine feasibility and lead times.


Special Steel 10201.0402 might not be readily available from all steel suppliers due to its specialized nature. Focusing on suppliers who deal with specialty steels or high-performance alloys is recommended. Searching online directories or contacting reputable steel mills can help locate distributors that carry this particular steel grade.

Suppliers and Pricing of Special Steel 10201.0402

Supplier Options:

Several factors can influence your choice of supplier for Special Steel 10201.0402, including:

  • Reputación: Selecting a supplier with a proven track record of quality and reliability is crucial.
  • Certificaciones de materiales: Ensure the supplier can provide proper certifications to meet your project’s specifications.
  • Cantidades mínimas de pedido: Be aware of the minimum order requirements set by the supplier.
  • Value-added services: Some suppliers offer processing services such as cutting, drilling, or heat treatment, which can streamline your project workflow.
  • Precios: While cost is a consideration, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Balancing price with quality, service, and reliability is key.

Price Considerations:

The exact price of Special Steel 10201.0402 can vary depending on several variables:

  • Mill order quantity: Larger orders typically qualify for lower per-unit prices.
  • Material form: Sheets, plates, and bars might have slight price variations.
  • Current market conditions: Fluctuations in steel prices can impact the cost of Special Steel 10201.0402.
  • Ubicación: Delivery distance from the mill can influence the final price due to transportation costs.

Obtaining Quotes:

The most effective way to determine the most competitive pricing for Special Steel 10201.0402 is to request quotes from multiple reputable suppliers. Clearly communicate your required quantity, material form, size specifications, and desired delivery timeframe when requesting quotes. This allows suppliers to provide the most accurate pricing information.

Ventajas y limitaciones de Acero especial 10201.0402


Special Steel 10201.0402 offers a compelling set of advantages that make it a valuable material for various applications:

  • Excelente resistencia: This steel grade boasts superior strength compared to low-carbon steels, enabling it to handle significant loads and stresses.
  • Enhanced Wear Resistance: The composition of Special Steel 10201.0402 minimizes wear and tear, making it ideal for components that experience friction and abrasion.
  • Good Corrosion Resistance: The presence of chromium contributes to the steel’s ability to resist corrosion, particularly in mildly corrosive environments.
  • Endurecimiento: This steel responds well to hardening treatments, allowing for further improvement in strength and wear resistance for specific applications.
  • Versatilidad: The well-rounded properties of Special Steel 10201.0402 make it suitable for a wide range of applications across diverse industries.
  • Maquinabilidad: While not as readily machinable as some lower-carbon steels, Special Steel 10201.0402 can still be machined with proper tooling and techniques.


It’s important to acknowledge the limitations of Special Steel 10201.0402 to ensure it’s the right material for your specific needs:

  • Coste: Compared to lower-grade steels, Special Steel 10201.0402 might have a higher upfront cost due to its specialized composition and processing requirements.
  • Soldabilidad: Welding this steel grade requires specific procedures and filler metals to maintain the integrity of the weld joint. Consulting with a qualified welder is recommended for welding applications.
  • Disponibilidad: As a specialty steel, Acero especial 10201.0402 might not be readily available from all suppliers, and lead times can be longer compared to common steel grades.
Acero especial 10201.0402


In this FAQ section, we’ll address some commonly asked questions regarding Special Steel 10201.0402:

Q: What are some alternatives to Special Steel 10201.0402?

A: The choice of alternative material depends on the specific application requirements. Here are some possibilities:

  • For lower-strength applications: Low-carbon steels can be a more cost-effective option if high strength and wear resistance aren’t primary concerns.
  • For applications requiring higher corrosion resistance: Stainless steels offer superior corrosion resistance but might come at a higher cost.
  • Para mejorar la maquinabilidad: Some specialty steels prioritize machinability while maintaining good strength. Consulting with a material engineer can help identify suitable alternatives based on your specific needs.

Q: How does Special Steel 10201.0402 compare to AISI/SAE grades?

A: Special Steel 10201.0402 doesn’t have a direct equivalent within the AISI/SAE steel grading system. This is because it’s a specialty steel with a unique composition formulated for specific performance characteristics. AISI/SAE grades typically focus on standardized compositions for broader applications.

Q: What are the typical applications for Special Steel 10201.0402 in the automotive industry?

A: In automotive applications, Special Steel 10201.0402 finds use in various components that experience moderate to high stress and wear. Here are some specific examples:

  • Marchas: As mentioned earlier, this steel grade offers a good balance of strength, wear resistance, and hardenability, making it suitable for gears in transmissions, differentials, and other powertrain components.
  • Shafts: Drive shafts and axle shafts can benefit from the strength and durability of Special Steel 10201.0402, particularly in applications where they experience significant torque or bending loads.
  • Bearings: While not the most common application due to the existence of specialized bearing steels, some components within bearing assemblies might utilize Special Steel 10201.0402 for specific functions.
  • Suspension components: Control arms, tie rods, and other suspension components can benefit from the strength and wear resistance of this steel grade, especially in heavy-duty vehicles or those encountering harsh off-road conditions.

Q: Can Special Steel 10201.0402 be recycled?

A: Yes, Special Steel 10201.0402, like most steels, is recyclable. Steel scrap is one of the most recycled materials globally. Recycling facilities can process this steel grade and reintroduce it into the steel production cycle, minimizing environmental impact and conserving resources.

Q: Where can I find more information about Special Steel 10201.0402?

A: Consulting with reputable steel mills or specialty steel suppliers is an excellent way to obtain detailed information about Special Steel 10201.0402, including its mechanical properties, processing recommendations, and potential applications. Additionally, industry associations and online resources focused on metallurgy can provide valuable insights into this steel grade.

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