Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

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Overview of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel are martensitic stainless steels known for their high strength, excellent hardness, and good corrosion resistance. These grades are commonly used in applications requiring high mechanical properties and moderate corrosion resistance. Special Steel 410/410S is ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and chemical processing.

Key Characteristics:

  • High Strength: Excellent tensile and yield strength.
  • Hardness: Maintains hardness even at high temperatures.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, water, and some chemicals.
  • Heat Treatability: Can be heat-treated to enhance properties.
  • Weldability: Good weldability with proper techniques.
Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

Chemical Composition of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

Understanding the chemical composition is crucial for selecting the right material for your specific application. Below is a detailed breakdown of the chemical elements found in 410/410S stainless steel.

Element410 (wt%)410S (wt%)
Carbon (C)0.08-0.15Max 0.08
Manganese (Mn)Max 1.00Max 1.00
Silicon (Si)Max 1.00Max 1.00
Chromium (Cr)11.5-13.511.5-13.5
Nickel (Ni)Max 0.75Max 0.60
Phosphorus (P)Max 0.04Max 0.04
Sulfur (S)Max 0.03Max 0.03


The key difference between 410 and 410S is the carbon content. 410 has a higher carbon content, which enhances its hardness and strength but reduces its weldability. On the other hand, 410S has a lower carbon content, which improves weldability and ductility.

Mechanical Properties of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

The mechanical properties of these steels determine their performance in various applications. Here’s a detailed look at their mechanical characteristics:

Tensile Strength (MPa)480-700380-550
Yield Strength (MPa)275205
Elongation (%)2025
Hardness (Brinell)207-253183-223
Impact Strength (J)ModerateHigh


410 stainless steel exhibits higher tensile and yield strengths compared to 410S, making it suitable for high-stress applications. However, 410S offers better impact strength and ductility, which are beneficial in applications requiring better formability.

Applications of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

These grades are versatile and find use in various industries due to their balanced properties. Below are common applications:

AerospaceTurbine blades, structural parts
AutomotiveExhaust systems, seat frames
Chemical ProcessingValve components, pumps
Oil & GasPipeline components, fittings
KitchenwareCutlery, kitchen utensils


The high strength and moderate corrosion resistance of 410 make it ideal for aerospace and automotive components. In chemical processing and oil & gas industries, its resistance to corrosion and wear is highly valued. Kitchenware often utilizes 410 for its durability and resistance to food acids.

Heat Treatment of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

Heat treatment processes significantly impact the performance of these steels. Here’s a summary of the heat treatment procedures for 410/410S stainless steel:

ProcessTemperature RangeCooling Method
Annealing815-900°CFurnace cool
Hardening925-1010°COil or air quench
Tempering150-370°CAir cool
Stress Relieving650-760°CAir cool


Annealing softens the steel, making it easier to work with, while hardening enhances its strength and wear resistance. Tempering adjusts the hardness and toughness, and stress relieving reduces residual stresses after welding or machining.

Suppliers and Pricing of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

When sourcing these materials, it’s essential to consider reputable suppliers and market prices.

SupplierLocationPrice (per kg)Notes
Supplier AUSA$2.50Offers custom sizes
Supplier BGermany€2.20High-quality standards
Supplier CChina$2.00Bulk discounts available
Supplier DIndia₹180Local delivery options


Prices vary depending on the supplier, location, and order quantity. It’s crucial to select a supplier that can meet your specific requirements, whether it’s custom sizing, high-quality standards, or competitive pricing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel

When selecting between 410 and 410S, consider their respective advantages and disadvantages:

AdvantagesHigher strength and hardnessBetter weldability and ductility
DisadvantagesReduced weldability and ductilityLower strength and hardness


410 is better suited for applications requiring high strength and hardness, whereas 410S is ideal for applications needing good formability and weldability. Understanding these trade-offs helps in making an informed decision.

Special Steel 410/410S Stainless Steel


What are the main differences between 410 and 410S stainless steel?

The primary difference is the carbon content. 410 has higher carbon content, resulting in greater hardness and strength, while 410S has lower carbon content, enhancing its weldability and ductility.

Can 410 and 410S stainless steel be welded?

Yes, both can be welded, but 410S offers better weldability due to its lower carbon content. Preheating and post-weld heat treatment can improve welding outcomes for 410.

What are common applications of 410 stainless steel?

410 is commonly used in aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, and kitchenware due to its high strength and moderate corrosion resistance.

How does heat treatment affect 410 stainless steel?

Heat treatment processes like annealing, hardening, and tempering significantly impact the hardness, strength, and ductility of 410 stainless steel, tailoring its properties to specific application needs.

Where can I purchase 410/410S stainless steel?

Various suppliers offer 410/410S stainless steel, including those in the USA, Germany, China, and India. Prices and services vary, so it’s essential to choose a supplier that meets your specific needs.

What are the mechanical properties of 410S stainless steel?

410S offers a tensile strength of 380-550 MPa, yield strength of 205 MPa, elongation of 25%, and a Brinell hardness of 183-223.

Why choose 410S over 410 stainless steel?

Choose 410S if you need better weldability and ductility. It’s ideal for applications where formability is more critical than maximum strength.


Special Steel 410/410S stainless steel offers a unique combination of properties, making it versatile for various industrial applications. Whether you need high strength and hardness or better weldability and ductility, understanding the specific characteristics and differences between these two grades can help you make the right choice for your project. From chemical composition and mechanical properties to applications and heat treatment, this guide provides comprehensive insights to inform your decision-making process. Always consider the specific requirements of your application and consult with suppliers to ensure you get the best material for your needs.

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