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According to industry experts, 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel offers an exceptional combination of strength, toughness, and wear resistance, making it indispensable in various engineering applications. Its consistent performance and versatility make it a preferred choice for critical components subjected to heavy loads and harsh environments.


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Unveiling the Marvels of 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel: A Comprehensive Exploration


In the realm of metallurgy, certain alloys emerge as pillars of innovation and reliability. Among them stands 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel, celebrated for its exceptional properties crucial for engineering applications. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies and advantages of this remarkable alloy, delving into its composition, properties, applications, suppliers, pricing, and expert insights.

Overview of 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel stands out for its high strength, toughness, and wear resistance, making it a top choice for engineering components subjected to heavy loads and harsh environments.

Chemical Composition

Carbon (C)0.17-0.23%
Silicon (Si)0.17-0.37%
Manganese (Mn)0.60-0.95%
Phosphorus (P)0.035% max
Sulfur (S)0.040% max
Chromium (Cr)0.40-0.70%
Nickel (Ni)0.40-0.70%
Molybdenum (Mo)0.15-0.25%
Iron (Fe)Balance

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Strength: 650-800 MPa
  • Yield Strength: 360-550 MPa
  • Elongation: 13-24%
  • Impact Toughness (Charpy V-notch): 20-35 J


  • AISI 8620: American Iron and Steel Institute standard for 8620 alloy steel
  • JIS SNCM220: Japanese Industrial Standards for nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steels

Exploring the Features and Advantages

8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel boasts a plethora of features and advantages that make it an ideal choice for engineering applications.


  • High tensile strength and yield strength
  • Excellent toughness and impact resistance
  • Good wear resistance and hardenability
  • Suitable for carburizing and case hardening processes
  • Versatile and readily machinable


  • Widely used in applications requiring high strength and durability, such as gears, shafts, and axles
  • Provides reliable performance in demanding environments, including automotive, aerospace, and machinery sectors
  • Offers potential weight reduction in component design due to its high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Can be heat treated to achieve desired mechanical properties and surface hardness

Comparison Between 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel and Competing Alloys

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel with a competing alloy, Alloy X:

Parameter8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy SteelAlloy X
Tensile StrengthHighModerate

Applications and Uses

From automotive to industrial sectors, 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel finds widespread application in various engineering components subjected to high loads and harsh operating conditions.

AutomotiveGears, shafts, axles, camshafts
AerospaceLanding gear components, engine parts
Heavy MachineryGears, crankshafts, connecting rods

Navigating Suppliers and Pricing

Sourcing 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel requires careful consideration of reliable suppliers offering quality products at competitive prices.

SupplierPrice Range (per unit)Description/Notes
Midland Bright Steels$3.00 – $5.00 per kilogramSpecialist supplier of engineering steels and alloys
Samuel, Son & Co.$4.00 – $6.00 per kilogramLeading distributor of metal products and services
TimkenSteel$4.50 – $7.00 per kilogramManufacturer of high-performance alloy steels

FAQs about 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel

Q: Can 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel be welded?
A: While it can be welded using conventional methods, preheating and post-weld heat treatment are recommended to minimize the risk of cracking.

Q: What is the typical hardness of 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel after carburizing?
A: The typical surface hardness ranges from 55 to 62 HRC after carburizing and quenching.

Q: What are the common applications of 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel?
A: Common applications include gears, shafts, axles, and other engineering components requiring high strength and toughness.

Q: Where can I buy 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel?
A: You can source 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel from reputable suppliers such as Midland Bright Steels, Samuel, Son & Co., and TimkenSteel.

Q: What specifications does 8620/1.6523/20CrNiMoA/SNCM220 Alloy Steel conform to?
A: This alloy steel conforms to standards such as AISI 8620 and JIS SNCM220, ensuring compliance with stringent quality requirements.

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