AMS 5617 スチール



AMS 5617 steel, commonly known as 321 stainless steel, is a titanium-stabilized austenitic stainless steel. This type of steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making it a preferred material in various industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, and high-temperature applications. What makes AMS 5617 stand out from the crowd? Let’s dive deep into its composition, properties, applications, and much more.

Chemical Composition of AMS 5617 Steel

Understanding the chemical composition of AMS 5617 is essential, as the elements present determine its unique properties.

炭素 (C)最大0.08
マンガン (Mm)最大2.00
ケイ素 (Si)最大0.75
リン (P)最大0.045
硫黄 (S)最大0.030
クロミウム (Cr)17.0 – 19.0
ニッケル(Ni)9.0 – 12.0
チタン(Ti)5x(C+N) min, 0.70 max
AMS 5617 スチール

の機械的特性 AMS 5617 スチール

The mechanical properties of AMS 5617 make it suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. Here’s a detailed look at its mechanical characteristics.

引っ張り強度75 ksi (515 MPa) min
降伏強度30 ksi (205 MPa) min
伸び40% min in 2 inches
硬さ95 HRB max
弾性係数28.0 x 10^6 psi (193 GPa)

Applications of AMS 5617 Steel

AMS 5617 steel is used in various sectors due to its unique properties. Here’s where you might find it being utilized.

航空宇宙Engine parts, exhaust systems, aircraft parts
化学処理Heat exchangers, chemical tanks, pipelines
High-TemperatureFurnace parts, heat treatment equipment
食品加工Food processing equipment, storage tanks

Heat Treatment of AMS 5617 Steel

Heat treatment is crucial in enhancing the properties of AMS 5617. Below is an outline of the typical heat treatment process.

プロセスTemperature (°F)冷却方法
アニーリング1750 – 2050Air cool
ストレス解消800 – 1500Air cool
ソリューション・トリートメント1800 – 2000Water quench

サプライヤーと価格 AMS 5617 スチール

When sourcing AMS 5617 steel, it’s important to know where to find it and at what cost. Here’s a handy guide.

サプライヤー地域Price (per lb)連絡先
ABCメタルズ北米$3.00[email protected]
Steel Co.ヨーロッパ€2.70[email protected]
グローバル合金アジア$2.50[email protected]

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMS 5617 Steel

Like any material, AMS 5617 has its pros and cons. Here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision.

耐食性様々な環境に対応Not suitable for highly acidic environments
High-TemperatureMaintains strength and stabilityMay require specific heat treatments
製作優れた溶接性と成形性Requires special handling to prevent contamination
コストModerately priced compared to other high-end alloysCan be more expensive than basic stainless steels

比較 AMS 5617 スチール to Other Grades

When choosing materials, it’s essential to compare them against other options to see which fits best for your specific needs. Here’s how AMS 5617 stacks up against other common stainless steels.

AMS 5617 Steel vs. 304 Stainless Steel

  • 耐食性: AMS 5617 is better for high-temperature and corrosive environments compared to 304.
  • コストだ: AMS 5617 is slightly more expensive than 304 due to its specialized properties.
  • アプリケーション While both are versatile, AMS 5617 is preferred in aerospace and high-temperature applications.

AMS 5617 Steel vs. 316 Stainless Steel

  • 耐食性: 316 has better resistance to chlorides and marine environments compared to AMS 5617.
  • コストだ: AMS 5617 is often less expensive than 316.
  • アプリケーション 316 is commonly used in marine applications, whereas AMS 5617 is used more in aerospace and high-heat environments.
AMS 5617 スチール


What is AMS 5617 steel?AMS 5617 is a titanium-stabilized austenitic stainless steel known for its excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.
Where is AMS 5617 commonly used?It’s used in aerospace, chemical processing, and high-temperature applications.
What are the main properties of AMS 5617?It has good tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, and corrosion resistance.
How does AMS 5617 compare to 304 stainless steel?AMS 5617 has better high-temperature performance and corrosion resistance but is more expensive.
Can AMS 5617 be welded?Yes, AMS 5617 has good weldability, but specific techniques are recommended to avoid contamination.
Is AMS 5617 suitable for marine environments?While it has good corrosion resistance, 316 stainless steel might be a better choice for harsh marine environments due to its chloride resistance.


AMS 5617 steel, with its robust properties and versatile applications, is an excellent choice for industries requiring high performance in demanding environments. From aerospace to chemical processing, its superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation makes it a reliable and durable material. By understanding its chemical composition, mechanical properties, applications, and how it compares to other stainless steels, you can make an informed decision for your specific needs.