ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼


概要 ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼

When it comes to special-purpose alloys, ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼 stands out for its unique blend of properties. Often used in various industrial and artistic applications, this material, sometimes referred to as nickel silver or German silver, is an alloy composed primarily of nickel, copper, and zinc. Despite the name, it contains no silver. This alloy is prized for its corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and aesthetic appeal. But what makes ASTM B361 so special, and why should you consider it for your next project? Let’s dive deep into the world of nickel silver steel and uncover its secrets.

化学組成 ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼

Understanding the chemical makeup of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel is crucial for appreciating its unique properties. The table below provides a detailed breakdown of its components.

Lead0.05 max

The interplay between these elements results in a material that balances strength, ductility, and resistance to corrosion. The presence of nickel imparts excellent corrosion resistance, while copper contributes to its overall strength and durability.

ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼

Applications of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel

Nickel silver steel is versatile, finding its way into numerous industries due to its excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties. Here’s a look at where ASTM B361 is commonly used:

Musical InstrumentsUsed in the manufacture of flutes, saxophones, and other wind instruments due to its acoustic properties and resistance to corrosion.
Cutlery and TablewarePreferred for its tarnish resistance and appealing silver-like appearance.
マリン・ハードウェアIdeal for marine applications because of its high corrosion resistance, especially in saltwater environments.
Architectural FeaturesUtilized in decorative elements and hardware for its aesthetic appeal.
Electrical ComponentsEmployed in connectors and contacts due to its good electrical conductivity.
Jewelry and Decorative ItemsValued for its attractive finish and ease of working into intricate shapes.

From practical, industrial uses to aesthetic, artistic applications, the versatility of ASTM B361 is unmatched.

The Mechanical Properties of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel

Mechanical properties are critical in determining the suitability of a material for various applications. Below, we delve into the key mechanical properties of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel.

密度8.5 g/cm³
融点1,170 – 1,220 °C
引っ張り強度450-550 MPa
降伏強度250-350 MPa
弾性係数115 GPa
硬さ90-150 HV (Vickers Hardness)

These properties make ASTM B361 a robust and reliable material for many demanding applications. Its tensile and yield strengths ensure it can withstand substantial mechanical stress, while its elongation and hardness indicate good ductility and resistance to wear.

熱処理 ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼

Heat treatment processes are employed to enhance the mechanical properties of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel. Here’s a look at the typical heat treatment methods used:

アニーリング600-650 °CSoftens the material, improves ductility.
ストレス解消300-400 °CReduces residual stresses, stabilizes dimensions.
硬化750-800 °CIncreases strength and hardness.
焼入れ200-300 °CBalances hardness and toughness.

These processes can be tailored to achieve specific mechanical properties, depending on the application requirements.

Suppliers and Pricing Details of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel

Knowing where to source ASTM B361 and understanding the cost implications is essential for planning and budgeting. Here’s a snapshot of some prominent suppliers and pricing information:

ABCメタルズアメリカ$25 – $30Custom sizes available, bulk discounts.
金属4U英国£20 – £25Offers cutting services.
Rimex MetalsオーストラリアAUD 35 – AUD 40Specializes in architectural applications.
Shree Extrusionsインド₹1500 – ₹1800Competitive pricing, high-quality alloy.

Prices vary based on the supplier, location, and quantity purchased. It’s always a good idea to request quotes from multiple suppliers to get the best deal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel

Every material has its pros and cons. Here’s a comparative look at the advantages and disadvantages of using ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel:

耐食性: Highly resistant to corrosion, especially in marine environments.コスト: More expensive than some other alloys.
美的アピール: Attractive silver-like appearance.作業性: Can be more challenging to machine and work with compared to other metals.
強度と耐久性: Strong and durable, suitable for demanding applications.密度: Higher density can be a disadvantage in weight-sensitive applications.
電気伝導率: Good electrical conductor.Nickel Sensitivity: Some individuals may have allergic reactions to nickel.

Balancing these factors will help you determine if ASTM B361 is the right choice for your project.

Comparing ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel to Other Alloys

When selecting a material, it’s helpful to compare ASTM B361 to other alloys. Here’s how it stacks up against some common alternatives:

ASTM B361 vs. Stainless Steel

パラメーターASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼ステンレススチール
美的アピールSilver-like, shinySilvery, can be polished

ASTM B361 vs. Brass

パラメーターASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼Brass

These comparisons highlight the specific contexts where ASTM B361 excels compared to other alloys.

ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼


What is ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel made of?It is an alloy composed of nickel (10-30%), copper (60-70%), and zinc (10-20%), with trace amounts of lead, iron, and manganese.
How is ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel used in the marine industry?Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it ideal for marine hardware, fittings, and decorative elements that are exposed to saltwater environments.
Why is it called “nickel silver” if it contains no silver?The name comes from its silvery appearance, which resembles silver, although it contains no actual silver.
What are the mechanical properties of ASTM B361?It has a density of 8.5 g/cm³, tensile strength of 450-550 MPa, yield strength of 250-350 MPa, elongation at break of 20-40%, modulus of elasticity of 115 GPa, and hardness of 90-150 HV.
Is ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel expensive?It tends to be more expensive than some other alloys due to its unique properties and composition, but prices can vary based on supplier and quantity.


ASTM B361 ニッケルシルバー鋼 is a fascinating alloy that offers a unique blend of properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From its appealing aesthetic to its robust mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, it stands out as a versatile and valuable material. Whether you’re crafting musical instruments, designing architectural features, or working on marine hardware, ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel might just be the perfect choice. Remember to consider all its advantages and disadvantages, compare it with other alloys, and consult with suppliers to ensure you get the best deal and the right material for your needs.

By understanding and utilizing the unique properties of ASTM B361 Nickel Silver Steel, you can leverage its strengths to enhance the quality and longevity of your projects.



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